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Mouldmaking knowledge team

Tools & Dies is an organization originating from the mould making profession. Our specialization is the construction of high tech moulds for technical products such as: gears, measurement equipment, air-venting systems, automotive parts etc. To serve the variety of uses, we supply different moulds, f.e. multiple cavity moulds, stamping tools and injection moulds.

These moulds are produced in China. We value our partners and highly appreciate the long term relationships both ways. We only work with fixed and permanent partners. While production takes place on a global basis, Tools & Dies still believes in efficient local support. We offer a full service package, based on flexibility, personal involvement and efficient communication.

Meeting your (complex) moulding demands for the best possible price




Optical Parts
& Lighting

Heating Equipment
& Air venting



High precision tools

Our latest projects

Toyota C-HR Mainframe Electronics

In close cooperation with our client and hotrunner supplier Tools & Dies developed, constructed and built the mould for the new Toyota CH-R mainframe fusebox.
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Waterproof Closure Fiber Management Box

The 2K parts are being molded in glasfilled PP combined with a soft TPE sealing. Both PP as well as the TPE material are being injected with a hotrunner system with valve gate.
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Lens Plate LED Outdoor Lighting

These optical parts are being applied in high-end public ligthing equipment. Parts are being molded in PC. Surface finishing of the optical areas according SPI-A1 standard.
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